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PUBLISH ME, PUNISH ME SERIES -- A show about deal practices in the indie game industry. Watch here!


GDC Talk: Developing Your Studio, and Your Sense of Self, GDC Independent Summit (2023).

Talk: Put Yourself In A Box? (Categorizing Your Game), GDoC (2022).

Crowdfunding Real Talk: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, with Dani Lalonders, Son M. & Alex, GDoC (2022).

Independent Games Summit: 2022 Soapbox; Write it and Weep, Narrative Design in a Story-Driven Studio, GDC (2022).

The Challenge of Genre Mashups with Perfect Garbage Studios, Game Wisdom (2021). Listen.

Script Lock: Bahiyya Khan & Son M., (2021). Listen.

The Path to Narrative Design (ft. Son M.!) - The Burn Out Brighter Podcast #113 (2021). Listen.


“There Can Only Be One”: Marginalized Creatorship and Working in Multiple Mediums, Flamecon (2020)

QPOC Characters and the Future of Storytelling, Queers & Comics Conference, School of Visual Arts, NY (2019)

QPOCs and Diversity in Comics, Queers & Comics Conference, School of Visual Arts, NY (2019)


INTERVIEW: Son M. & MadCursed break down SOMETHING CRAWLED OUT (2023). Link.

Check Out An 11-Page Preview Of Vault’s Something Crawled Out #1, Out Oct. 25. Link.

Horror gets personal in ‘Something Crawled Out’ by Son M. + MadCursed. Link

Comic-Con 2023: Vault Comics Announces Terrifying New Horror Series SOMETHING CRAWLED OUT. Link.

GDC 2023: New Developers and New Games Arrive at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, NBC Bay Area (2023)

David Fernandez Remesal of Sandsoft Games: "Why MENA’s gaming growth isn’t just about business", Pocket

Gamer (2023)

The 17 most exciting video game releases of fall 2022, Polygon (2022). Link.

Love Shore Is an Upcoming Visual Novel Cyberpunk Thriller to Die For, Twinfinite (2022). Link.

Comic Review: Judas Complex (2022) from Dauntless Stories (2022). Link.

Saladin Ahmed, Shaka King & Travon Free Team On Webcomic ‘Drac: Son of Dante’ For Tapas, Endeavor Content, Deadline (2022). Link.

A Year of Free Comics: When the prospects are low you turn to crime in ANIMALHEADS, Comicsbeat, (2022). Link.

Vault Comics Teases New Comic From Son M. In 2022, Bleeding Cool, (2022). Link.

Vault Comics new titles from Cullen Bunn and Son M. coming in 2022, AIPT, (2022). Link.

Wonderful Women of the World | Review, School Library Journal (2021). Link.

Developer Spotlight: Perfect Garbage’s Journey From Late Night Airport Call to E3 and Beyond, Uppercut (2021). Link.

This Cyberpunk Noir Game Is "Perfect Garbage," And We Can't Wait To Play It, GameSpot (2021). Link.

Queer fantasy and mystery novel Judas Complex arrives in 2022, Gayming Magazine (2021). Link.

Creator Spotlight: Son M., The Geekiary, 2021. Link.

Indulge in the Horror and the Beauty of JUDAS COMPLEX - An Interview with SON M. and DRI GOMEZ, Comicbook Yeti, (2021). Link.

Love Shore is a Cyberpunk Story Where Queerness is the Default, Gayming (2020). Link.

Rights Report: Week of October 26, 2020, Publisher Weekly (2020). Link.

20 Indie Comics to Support on FCBD 2020 (Part 1)., Just Saying Asia (2020). Link

Welcome to New Client, Son M.!, KT Literary, (2019). Link.

Upcoming Visual Novel Love Shore Diversifies Sci-Fi Narratives, Game Luster (2019). Link.

Love Shore: A Diverse Cast, A Diverse Narrative, GenderTerror, (2019). Link.

An Interview With Love Shore’s Dynamic Writing Duo, Fanbyte, (2019). Link

Crowdfunding Comics Roundup, April ‘18, Women Write About Comics (2018). Link

Kickstarters To Check Out, 3.29.2018 Edition, Love in Panels (2018). Link.

Weekly Roundup: April 20, 2018. Papercat Press (2018), Link.


Love Shore Developer Son M Reacts to Thirsty Game Reviews, Hey Glitch (2022). Watch

Rime of the Frost maiden (D&D Podcast), Does It Roll? Episodes 017-019, (2021). Link.

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