The Boglands

©2018 by Son M.


THE BOGLANDS acts as a home for the creative projects of Son M. 

The site majority features original prose, often accompanied by illustrations from various talented artists.  All works on this site are original and copyrighted. 

THE BOGLANDS hopes to act as a publishing ground for Son M. and allow their work to be easily accessible and enjoyed by those who have a taste for the mystical and horrific. 

If there's work that interests you or you would like to contribute to THE BOGLANDS, feel free to reach out via the website or email:


Son M. is a writer based in Chicago. They write prose, comic scripts and video games. They are an applicant for a Ph.D. in developmental biology and evolution and apply these experiences to her writing and creative work.

They created Perfect Garabge LLC, an indie company that is producing the visual novel Love Shore, and are the co-producer/co-writer of the game.

Son M. is available for work.


Son M. has participated in zines, anthologies and other published work. You can find their work in:


Arise (BNHA Fashion Zine) 2018

Iridescent (BNHA Color Zine) 2018

Monocerous Anthology 2019

Tiefling Zine TBH