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SON M. is an Algerian-Amazigh, Muslim writer who enjoys creating narratives in both prose and visual mediums. She specializes in horror, science-fiction, action, thriller and mystery.​

She is very passionate about comics, games and animation, leading them to create stories in all three mediums. She is afraid of heights and non-productivity. She draws their power from the Sun. 

SON is the Studio Director and Creative Director of the indie game studio Perfect Garbage. She is also the writer half of SCSM COMIC. 

She is currently publishing her debut graphic novel THIEF OF THE HEIGHTS with Harper Collins (Fall 2024). She has written for Z2 Comics, DC Comics, Vault and more.


Prose, Novels and Literary Work: Erin Clyburn at Howland Literary

Graphic Novels: Jas Perry at KT Literary 

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