The Boglands

©2018 by Son M.


a hungry writer

THE BOGLANDS showcase work written by Son M. that often features artwork from various artists. 

Son M. strives to create expressive content that often features themes of horror, mystery and science-fiction. 

All works in THE BOGLANDS are original. Please mind the rating system and make sure to share your favorites!

The waters run shallow here and yet, Leo couldn't see where his foot ends and the dirt begins.

Side banner from TEETHING, artist: Jasmine Batista.


TEETHING: DB is a development blog that follows the journey of Son M. and Jess Lackey as they attempt to create the adult animated series TEETHING. 

A nowhere man, the tooth fairy and a human bear trap take off to a wasteland in a post-apocalyptic world in order to find their missing 4th grade teacher and prevent an omnipotent organization from ending the world. Again.



Oscar and Tariq travel an endless wasteland scavenging the bodies of long forgotten titans in hopes of uncovering the truth about their world. And maybe falling in love.

Co-created and illustrated by Saint Dri.

ANIMAL HEADS banner by Nayza.


Ezriel Wang and Link Amin are two young detectives working reluctantly together to solve homicide cases in Central London. As they uncover one mystery after another, something sinister seems to be brewing, something bigger and scarier than either of them are ready for.

Co-created and illustrated by Cathy Kwan.


Four recent college graduates realize their lives are coming to a dead end. Together, they get into the business of scaring people, but just like most bad ideas, things go terribly.



Basem and Mustafa live in the vertical city of Muqadas. With the lower levels being infested with Habar and the higher levels filled to the brim with riches, the two inventors set their sights on climbing. Unfortunately the price of success seems to be pieces of themselves.

A story about grief, greed, friendship and love.

Illustrated by Robin Yao.

Kara Belmont isn't sure of many things but there's one thing she is willing to bet her life on. Her cute coworker at The Spade, a small bar in the heart of Paris, is definitely, most certainly, a vampire.

And she's going to prove it.

Co-created and illustrated by Sam Curtis.


Set in the cyberpunk city of Love Shore, Sam and Farah attempt to navigate the monstrous underworld in hopes of uncovering the means of saving their friends.

A science-fiction Visual Novel produced by Perfect Garbage.