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TEETHING: The Beginning

If you've been following me for a while, you know about TEETHING, or you've heard of it. First it was prose, then it was a comic, then it became prose again, and now...

TEETHING has always been rocky. It's a personal story that cultivated a lot of my interests from my youth to my adulthood. Its campy unsettling presence, small town paranoia, weird body horror, homoerotic tendencies (ha!), and unlikable, yet lovable main characters. I started TEETHING when I was at the tail end of my senior year of high school (about 8 years ago) and have steadily dedicated chunks of my life to it. I always knew I wanted to make visual storytelling, despite how much I loved prose, and the more I worked on TEETHING, the more I wanted it to be something observed rather than read in a book.

At first, this meant getting into comics. I was pretty naive at the time when I tried to make it into a comic. I was new to the ins and outs of working as a script writer and made quite a few glaring mistakes. After going on that wild adventure with Jess Lackey (my illustrator and partner in crime for TEETHING), we both decided to put it on pause and pursue other things. Unfortunately, or fortunately, TEETHING always violently captures my attention and when I had a moment of free time, I was plotting it again.

It got so bad that during the summer of this year, Jess and I reconvened and decided to try something new. We created a beautiful pitch document (and it is beautiful, have you seen Jess's art?) and pitched it to a couple of studios. It was my first time pitching a series but by now I've gotten some practice in presenting my work. TEETHING always felt like it was meant to be animated, and with this rise in adult western animation, what better time to pitch a queer horror show with some goofy action and really really dark humor then right now?

The studios we sent it to were really receptive to our vision and they really loved TEETHING but, long story short, there are a million hurdles to jump over to get funding. Especially when you're small time creators. Shows need funding and have to be easy for publishers to want to risk putting it out into the world. Having two relatively unknown creators behind a show as wacky as TEETHING is a lot harder to justify than a show by someone with much more recognition in the field.

Leo, from TEETHING.

Nevertheless, despite learning a ton from these pitches, something super important became clear to us. To make the show we want, Jess and I would have to put more work into getting people interested and making it known, since neither of us have any sort of foundation. We have to be the ones to bring TEETHING into the limelight and show off not only a wild ride, but our ability to make something as uncommon as TEETHING a success.

So, what am I going to do? Currently, I'm working on the video game Love Shore, something I am extremely proud of. I've gathered an amazing team of individuals and formed Perfect Garbage, an indie game studio that's working hard to develop it. We plan to release it in 2021 and everything is on track. It's taught me a lot about crowd funding, promoting myself and making the content I personally want to see in the world. I thought "hey, what if I transferred these experiences to TEETHING?"

I've been spending a lot of time reading and learning about the starts of other series. And I've come to a conclusion: If I want TEETHING to exist, I have to make it exist. Therefore, I plan, to the best of my ability, to bring TEETHING into the world. This blog is a testament to that. Jess and I plan on creating an adult animated series and I want to take everyone who's interested on the journey of development with me. From our pitches, to our development, to gathering animators and more, to hopefully funding a pilot on Kickstarter in the future.

My next blog post will be diving into the story of TEETHING, introducing its characters and themes as well as its inspirations! TEETHING is a ridiculously wild story and as I make this a regular blog, I hope I can convince you of its worth. Let's make a show! (God, saying that sounds intimidating all on its own). But yeah...

Let's make a show!!!

Leo and Sven, two of the main characters of TEETHING