TWO GARBAGEMEN is a collaborative consultation group between SON M. (myself) and Emmett Nahil. Together, we have a combined experience of multiple successful projects, multiple crowdfunding successes, manage an indie game studio and have entirely built projects on a tight budget purely on our own. 

We recognize that starting a project, whether it be a small comic are a large video game, can be incredibly daunting. There is a mess of resources available, but we want to provide a tailored and specific advice for your project. 


  • Advice and input on early/developmental stage creative projects.

  • Specific, tailor-made PR/advertising copy, for use on crowdfunding campaigns, websites, or social media. 

  • Editorial feedback on pre-written crowdfunding campaign copy.

  • Feedback on specific applications for grants, scholarships, or pitch packets. 

  • Advice on self promotion/marketing strategy around crowdfunding platforms (eg. Patreon, Kickstarter, Gumroad)

  • General sensitivity advisement to issues of race, gender, ability, or orientation

  • Social Media strategy and low-budget promotion options

  • General financial advice and budgeting strategy for creative projects 

  • Business consultation on forming a U.S. based business/studio 

  • Assistance on the day-to-day running of crowdfunding campaigns as subject to additional fees and/or rates as discussed upon signing of the contract with TWO GARBAGEMEN CONSULTATION

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